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See the latest on my debut Halloween picture book, This is the Night, and follow my blog to become a more focused writer.

This is the Night

This is the Night Halloween Picture Book Cover

This fun family read aloud is the perfect way to begin your Halloween celebrations.

This is the night the monsters moan, the zombies, creep, and the goblins groan. This is Halloween.

Meet a cast of spooky creatures and find out who scares who in this beautifully illustrated picture book featuring a brand new Halloween song. Original sheet music included. 

If you would like to purchase This is the Night, click here.

The Stone Seer – Coming Soon

heliconia - The Stone Seer
Art by Kathy Stradley

Whoever unites the stones of power in the Mascapaicha, the crown of emperors, is destined to rule Zatonia.

But what if a shy girl only wants to use them to cure her guardian’s dementia?

NAIRU LUKANA, a gifted young healer, sneaks into the rainforest to avoid participating in one of her bossy twin’s pretend adventures. There, she finds a real adventure when she discovers an emerald with the power to revive a dead tree. Upon learning it may be the Pachamama Emerald, one of the legendary stones of power, Nairu vows to learn how to use it to cure her guardian’s degenerative brain disease.

But Nairu is not the only one who wants to access the emerald’s powers. EMPEROR AMARU, ruler of Zatonia, plans to unite the emerald with the other two stones of power in the Mascapaicha, the legendary crown forged by the gods. With it, he’ll crush the rebel forces and all hope for freedom in Zatonia. When his howler monkey spies discover Nairu has the emerald, she and her twin sister, WAYNA, are forced to flee. Together, they embark on a dangerous journey through Zatonia to evade the emperor’s spies and find a stone seer to teach Nairu to access the healing powers of the emerald. 

Will Nairu find a stone seer to help her cure her guardian? Or, will Emperor Amaru seize the emerald from her and use it to bring all of Zatonia under his dominion?

The Stone Seer is a middle grade fantasy.